Rainbow of Adirondack Chairs

1830 Elijah Haven Homeplace

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"My husband and I spent several months this past winter at Haven Homeplace while we completed a complicated real estate deal and started a renovation on our home in this area. As the pictures attest, this home was such a treat to come back to every day. A safe haven in the storm of our lives. We felt like we walked in to a haven of peace and serenity. Every detail created a sense of warmth and welcome. We loved the big bookcase, the inspirational books at the side of each bed, the big mugs and the hot chocolate mix so thoughtfully placed in the kitchen. For our short time there, we moved in heart and soul. The grounds are private and amazing. I'm hoping to find a reason to create a stay in the summer so I can see it from that perspective! This home was a true find."

Tucson, AZ


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